Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New

I'm going to indulge in the tendency to review the previous year for just a few sentences here, and then am going to get on with it. With the flood of reminiscences, my first thought was, "it was a good year". Then I remembered that for 4 months or so I operated under the assumption that I was going to lose my job, and that was indeed a stressful time. I think that was part of what started me on the path to making bracelets. Perhaps taking matters into my own hands a bit in case I had to start doing what a lot of people do these days: piece together a living from several different jobs. 

But it didn't happen; I was renewed and kept my job. The folks at work aren't talking about next year's money yet, but will in a couple of months, and I do fear that there will be a repeat of getting let go. For my part, I'm trying to learn how to do a couple of new things, and hope that that will continue to demonstrate that I am valuable to the organization. Fingers crossed.

The most important things in my life, then, continue to be in place. The health of me and my son, who will be 11 next month. A good job, a nice little house, a goofy dog, a few creative outlets like the bracelets, banjo and I think I remember how to knit, a supportive family, and good friends. In particular I've been pleased by the friends I've made through the dog park and the Spin class. An unexpected benefit. Still looking for a nice guy who is a good fit for me, and am looking forward to getting on with that part of my life. 

Thanks for reading this blog, and for leaving insightful comments. :-)

So here is my latest take on the bracelets. I'm not looking to change direction, but to expand the offerings. Above is the bracelet I made for my friend D's birthday. She's less into the mechanical pieces, so this one is all clay pieces. I like these a lot and will make them in these pinks/purples and then in blues/greens and orange/copper. 

Along the same lines, I bought some other clay cutters, with the intent of making larger pieces (about 3/4" - 1") to go on some bracelet blanks I bought that have 8 larger pads (instead of the 11 glue pads of the original blanks). I also bought a new (unmounted rubber) stamp for the clay, and came up with a better way to evenly make the stamps' impression on the clay.

Not surprisingly for me, I made the first set of these larger clay pieces in blues and greens. The smaller rectangles and ovals will try to be earrings. After I baked these and put the pieces on the table, it was fun to run my hands through them, like they were puzzle pieces, or coins.

It's sort of addicting to mix and work with the clay. I eschewed cleaning the house yesterday to mix more clay, this time coppery colors. I probably won't be able to resist getting the pieces made today, and vow to  fit in vacuuming as well.


  1. I think I'm like your friend D and prefer the "all clay" bracelets. Your blues and greens are gorgeous although I'm eager to see the coppery colors, too.

    Best wishes for the New Year to you and your boy. Hoping 2012 brings no job related stresses but does bring Mr. Right into your life!

  2. Love the all clay take on the bracelets. Particularly love the mauve/pink version you made for D! Very pretty.


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