Monday, January 2, 2012


Here's my third take on the clay pieces for bracelets. I made a few and need to get them photographed better to get them on the Etsy shop. These are bigger and sassier, but very light.

In the name of produce development, how much would you pay for one of these? The metal is nothing special (i.e. not sterling silver). The piece measure a whopping 8 1/4" with the clasp that it came with. For smaller wrists, I'm thinking I'll have to remove one link. I think the clasp looks little cheap, although it's very sturdy. But if I change out the clasp, I'll have to take out at least one link. Hmm.... Maybe I'll offer it all as 2-3 options. 

Below are the orangey/copper/warm neutrals I made for the second color scheme. I was iffy about these but they look nice in the finished pieces. Did you know that if your oven is too hot, polymer clay produces smoke that is stinky and fills your kitchen so you have to open the window in January. Yes, yes it's true. 


  1. If the clasp is easy to change out, maybe offer the bracelet with both and see what sells better. The toggle clasp is definitely prettier. I have average size wrists at 7", and prefer a tighter fit for a chain-type bracelet at 7.5". A little longer for a chunkier style is more comfortable. I've seen bracelets at art fairs sell in the $10-12 range, but a more accurate price might be what you paid for the one you bought that inspired this whole process. Love the clay pieces and your color combinations!

  2. I prefer the clasp shown in today's post as opposed to the toggle style. Might be because I have a smaller wrist (6-1/4" over wrist bone) and the toggles feel loose and sloppy on me and I have a favorite bracelet with the toggle closing which constantly falls off so I've stopped wearing it 'cause I know I'm gonna lose it. (But why have it if I don't wear it, right? Duh.)

    I am so bad in doing the pricing of products for market. So bad. No help I'm afraid.


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