Saturday, January 28, 2012

Twang twang

Tonight I had the pleasure of going to my banjo instructor's studio/house to jam with what turned out to be her and some of her friends (it was open to all of her adult students). At first we crammed into the smallish living room and made small talk and drank some wine, and then moved into the studio and played songs for a couple of hours.

It was a blast! We played several songs that I actually knew, so I could keep up, and then they, because they had acoustic guitars, branched off to Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, REM and Paul Simon. I sort of limped along and tried just to pick with my right hand to keep time for those, but I could see there will eventually be a point where someone can say "it's A, C, Em, D and G" and I'll be able to do that. As it was, I did not embarrass myself, which will be my goal for the short term. It was fun to kind of connect with these people through the music.

Yea! It's been so fun to learn the banjo and see how I'm slowly progressing over time. I had Mr W with me, and hoped he would see how much fun we were having and fingers crossed think he might want to try an instrument again. He accompanied us with a maraca, and plunked on her drum kit a little, so those were good things.

Fun indeed. Tomorrow, we'll head down to the Denver science museum to see their new IMAX film "Tornado Alley" and then I've got to drop off Mr W and Sally at their respective places for the next 4 days while I'm out of town M-Th. I've practiced my talk a couple of times, and I think it's just about there. A few more run-throughs and it will be ready to present.


  1. Good luck on your out of town trip and talk. Hope you can squeeze in some fun time, too.

  2. You've come a long way in a short time with your banjo! I bet Tornado Alley on the IMAX screen was just short of breathtaking! Good luck with your speech - break a leg! Figuratively speaking, of course.

  3. Thanks and thanks!

    Mama Pea - I did get to see some neat stuff today.

    Susan - The movie was great! It did not have to be 3-D, though, in my opinion. Lots of great footage.


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