Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Wow, nothing like being on the tail end of a cold (man, I hope so!) to engender a little bit empathy for folks that deal with chronic conditions. I'm such a baby about being sick, I suppose because it doesn't happen very often (knock wood).

My minor ailments set up a little Occupy Linda movement at the front of my mind for a few days. I never felt bad enough to take to my bed, but always was thinking about the stuffiness/sore throat/junky cough.

I know there are people out there who have back pain or other chronic stuff that impacts their quality of life. I'm going to try to remember what it feels like to not feel 100% to ramp up my output of kindness. There's a quote I've seen on some people's email to the effect of "Everyone is engaging in some sort of battle. Be kind."

As the ex used to say, feels good not to feel so bad.


  1. When we try to remember to appreciate all the great things in our lives, I think most of us (me very much included) tend to forget what a huge blessing it is when we are healthy and feeling good. You're right, we do need to have more empathy for others who are struggling in one way or another. Thanks for the reminder, Linda.

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