Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I suppose it's an indication that thing are going fine that I am going to post about this breaking topic today.  I did get some cough medicine (she prescribed these little gel caps instead of the more sleep-inducing narcotic liquid, but I think they are working) and hopefully will kick this thing for good in the next few days. After that, I promise! I will try to remember what this feels like to better appreciate when I'm feeling good.

The first Screen-free Tuesday night was a little rocky, but overall a success. We had dinner, and went out to buy Mr W a new pair of shoes. Sadly he's crossed the threshold from boys shoes to mens (mens'?), where the prices jump quite a bit for basically the same shoe that is just a smidge bigger. It's funny what kid's tastes are for shoes. Mr W is not a kid that really cares what he's wearing, but he sure liked the running shoes with neon accents. Too bad those were $85, and were vetoed. Also interesting how different brands actually do fit differently. He tried on another brand next, and they just felt better on his feet.

With shoes in hand, we went home for a refresher in, I'm a little embarrassed to say, shoe tying. How is it possible, you ask, that a kid who just turned 11 does not know how to tie shoes? Well, it just worked out that way. Between slip on shoes, velcro and laces with those little plastic keepers on them that keep the lace tight, he did not know. But he got the hang of it pretty quickly.

When he was going to bed, I said something like, "Goodnight, shoe-tier". And he said, "Mom, don't praise me for that. You should have taught me how to tie my shoes years ago." Ouch. True, but he didn't want to know, either, so it's kind of a draw.


  1. I had to chuckle at Mr. W's response to your good night. It was probably a darn healthy response that he didn't attach any shame to his not knowing how to tie his shoes at the ripe old age of 11. Obviously, it was YOUR shortcoming, not his!! ;o]

  2. My 19yo avoids shoe tying as much as possible. He leaves them tied while slipping them on and off, retying only when they become too loose to stay on. Oh, and he knows how, just prefers not to.

  3. I always felt the same way whenever someone praised me for something I thought was very basic - like boiling water or making spaghetti. OTOH, I've recently decided that Shoe Tying is not high on my list of priorities for DD. I prefer the added independence the ease of velcro sneakers gives her. Having her learn to do things for herself *at all* is more important than how they get done.


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