Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Screen-free Tuesdays

Oh, and a happy Valentine's Day to you as well.

(I still have a cough hanging on from the cold I picked up while traveling, and it's been a couple of weeks now that this thing is playing out. The last three nights I've had trouble staying asleep because I wake myself up coughing. Then I can't believe that I forgot to get some over the counter cough suppressant. Again. Dufus. Well, I'll start with that today and see if it helps. )

It's no secret to anyone who reads this blog that my kid loves his video games. On the one hand, when he shows me his elaborate strategy that he's set up in the game he's playing (and has played since Christmas), which is obviously the product of planning and gathering resources on his part, I think there is some redeeming value to video games. Then the part of me that wants a kid firmly planted in reality, and yes, engaged in his world, pipes up and calls out for the need for balance here.

Enter Screen-free Tuesdays. Well, Tuesday nights. The idea is for both of us to turn off the computers and DO something. As the weather warms up and Mr W is out of school, I want to go play music with the old timey music group that gets together on Tuesdays. I can't really justify keeping him out late on a school night, but I can if it's summer!

We don't necessarily have to do something together, but the default for both of us when we have downtime now is to pick up the laptop and see what's going on on the screen. I wanted to encourage both of us to do something else. Maybe even encourage the kid to pick up a new hobby perhaps.


  1. Do you live in an area where you, Sally and Mr. W could comfortably go out after dinner and go for a walk on Tuesday nights? The fresh air and the novelty of taking a walk after dark can lead to all kinds of benefits from creating a different place for Mom and son to "talk" to giving a little exercise so a good night's sleep will come afterwards.

  2. What a healthy idea! I love the quiet, myself, although I get in the habit of watching a dvd way too often. Enjoy the fact that he wants to spend time with you! (The cough is the last thing to go -- and it seems to take forEVER)

  3. A most excellent idea!! Thanks. We went out to get him a new pair of shoes, and then walked around the block once as sort of an introduction to the idea.

  4. What a great idea! I think we need to institute an evening of screen-free time in our house too! :) It's amazing how much my computer sucks me in sometimes...and how I can spend hours in the same room as my husband and not connect at all because we are both so wrapped up in what we're doing.


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