Thursday, September 6, 2012


It has been forever and a day since I felt excited to start a knitting project, but maybe the cool nights really are the thing that triggers it in me. Also, I received a birth announcement from my dad's girlfriend's son and his wife (how to shortcut the name for that relationship?) for the birth of their daughter. This is the Lacy Julian Hat and I believe that link will only work if you are registered with Ravelry. Isn't it sweet? And more to the point with my knitting these days, doesn't it look like something that could be knit in a weekend? I'm thinking something in a very soft variegated color scheme, with a couple of my littlest handmade buttons sewn on. 

My local yarn shop is having a sale this weekend, too, so it all fits together nicely. Since I'm posting pictures, here's a recent bracelet.

Candy pinks. I'm getting a kick out of making these. I think I've said that about a hundred times, so I'll stop. 

What else. I was called in as a mediator (I say that tongue in cheek) to talk to Mr W over at his dad's house. Seems Mr W hasn't been turning in all of his assignments, and the school has a system where parents can check all of their kids' work. I noticed he was missing a couple of things, and texted his dad to make sure those got done. 

One of the things that has always irked me a bit about my ex is his impulsiveness. However, when he jumped right on the "the kid is off of TV and the computer until this is turned around", I found myself relieved that he acted so decisively. I wondered if I would have done the same thing. I may have waffled more and waited until the infraction was larger? But his dad did the right thing to get Mr W's attention. 

So we talked about getting organized, and the kid needs to bring home all of his homework, even if it is done already, so we can see it. I think we're all on the same page. Mr W walked me out to my car, and I thought it was really interesting coming from this ever-maturing 11 year old boy when he said, "I just thought that I needed to stand up to him for some of this stuff". He was implying (and I largely believe him and it will all get sorted out) that the grade viewer thing online wasn't complete and that he (Mr W) was correct on some of his points. Fair enough. I told him he still needed to pick his battles, and that things would go more smoothly with his dad if he was cooperative and helpful on the little things. 

Welcome to middle school.


  1. Lots going on, I see! That is a darling pattern and I am always looking for quick projects - thanks for the link. I imagine there will be more than a few kinks to be worked out in the new schedule with Mr. W. Sounds like you two have a solid relationship, which is just this side of wonderful! And I love the pink bracelet. It's so much fun watching your progress (and owning one, too...)

    1. Thanks back to you! Yes, pretty solid, and I am thankful.

      Hey, if you want me to send you some small tiles in browns and oranges to glue on the large tiles of your bracelet, let me know.

      Sorry to read about your tough week. I'll pop over to your blog and say so too. :-)

  2. You and Mr. W have such a wonderful, open relationship; way to go Mom!

    I have to applaud you on the knitting, I'm far too fumble-fingered for either that or crochet.

    1. Thanks, J. It's a lot more work to keep track of. We're all making the adjustment!

      Yes, I've thought about how people's ability to do that kind of detail work as their bodies change. Hopefully you find enough other creative outlets, yes?


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