Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jam redux, pickles too

I blame it on the pectin box. Two weeks ago I bought some peaches and pickling cucumbers from the farmer's market and set to work making jam and refrigerator pickles. I kind of like making jam. My first attempt turned out really well and I had hoped to repeat my success, and even give some as gifts this year. I added ginger and cinnamon and really liked the flavor.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, and I've skinned and cut up the peaches using a reference I got off the internet. I look up how many cups of peaches and sugar to use and figure I should check the pectin box and go with that. I'm still astonished that the recipe was something like 3.75 cups peaches and 5 cups of sugar. I didn't have enough white sugar (which is probably why things went awry) so used brown for 2 cups of it.

The darn stuff never set up properly. The box said it might take a few days, so I opened a jar the other day, and the stuff is that kind of stretchy sort of gel. Ick. Out it goes under the banner of experience. I've got some low sugar pectin and will try again today. It was too gross to save, so I'm not going to save it.

I had bought some pickling mix to make refrigerator pickles. I bought it because it made only two quarts, which is plenty of pickles for this house for the three months pickles stay good. Easy to make, good flavor, but deemed too salty by Mr W, who is the main pickle eater in the house. Out they go, and I'll find a recipe where I can adjust the salt and use the dill I got from a friend's garden.

It's a learning process, isn't it? I'm thankful there isn't a lot riding on these mistakes. I suppose in the old days, both things would be eaten and I'd be thankful for them.

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