Thursday, April 11, 2013

A funny thing happened

I believe I have crossed some kind of threshold in the dating department. After talking with two friends in the last couple of weeks that signed up for online dating, I went ahead and bought a month's subscription for myself. A month is about all I can stand at a time.

It's been a year and a half since I have been on a date (!) and in that time I have done a lot of stuff. Made/making new friends, I really feel like I have good solid social connections that are from a variety of my interests. But no sparks with anyone I've met.

I've felt the desire to get this part of my life settled (that's the term I use in my head) for a while now. Almost to the point where it's become this thing that I'm almost convinced will never happen, so I've gone ahead (as I should) and went on with my life. By golly, I like my life.

Anyway, so the threshold is that I got an email from someone who I had considered emailing back, but in the end had a funny feeling about him, so I didn't. I had this sense of "geez, I might actually have to go and meet some of these people". And that was followed by a feeling of "well, I don't have to, things are pretty good right now as they are". It's hard to describe. I'm less desperate, I guess. Still, I wish I'd cross paths with the guy already.

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  1. There is the belief by some that you will never (ever, ever) meet the right person (no matter HOW hard you try) until you are truly happy with your life as it is, living it withOUT a mate. THEN is the time when just the right partner will come along. Seems like you're ready for Mr. Wonderful!!


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