Thursday, April 4, 2013

The anticipation

I've been pretty good about going to my spinning class. It's twice a week, and unless I have a meeting for something I volunteer for, I get there. My reward for going to spin class is that the next morning, I don't have to do the reasonable amount (IMO) of sit ups, push ups and planking I do other days.

Have you done planks? There's a picture of one below.

It's good for your core and it's got this funny mental thing about it for me that if I can distract myself, I can go for longer periods of time. I've worked up to 90 seconds at home, and we've been recently increasing the amount of time that we do it in class.

I'm pretty sure that if I didn't do planks regularly at home, there'd be no way I could keep up in class. Well, someone thought we should try a two-minute plank, so we did and it was hard. The next class, we did two minutes, 15 seconds and it was really hard, but some of us (me included) did it. We had a substitute teacher (who is one of the long time students in the class) so our regular instructor wasn't there.

Fast forward to yesterday's class, where our regular instructor is there, and we're not sure if the sub has told her that we did the crazy long plank. I admit I was a little anxious, because our instructor is pretty competitive, and I thought she'd have us try for an extra 15 seconds. So we get done with the spinning part of the class, and then do our floor work with weights and mats, and there's no plank. I think, "She's being especially crafty and saving it for last when our muscles are tired from hoisting these hand weights". Nope. She gets to the end, and says, "That's all I got."

It was funny how I was sort of dreading having to do the long plank, and then disappointed that we didn't get to try. Perhaps next time.

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  1. I just got down on the floor and did the first plank of my life. I must have held it for a full 5 seconds. I think I hurt myself.

    1. Ha! We all start with a 5 second plank, at least I did. Someone who is as active as you probably doesn't need much in the plank department.


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