Friday, May 30, 2008

Last day of school, another day of work

Today is Mr W's last day of first grade. He's had a good year. A few bumps in the road like many 7 year old boys learning the social skills necessary to get along with people, but overall he's learned a ton. Reading, writing and math.

He'll start summer camp on Monday, at a nice (and expensive) place with a pool and gymnastics classes and a bus for field trips to all the neat kid places in town that I intend to get to but rarely do.

He likes it OK, but would rather hang out at home with me. He's got a friend whose mom doesn't work outside the home, so the kid gets to hang at home this summer. He also has a friend who is being looked after this summer by the teacher from the after-school care (who Mr W loves because Jake lets him play Sonic games on his cell phone thing).

I imagine most families are like me, though. My job happens to be a year-round gig, and work life goes on as usual. I'll take some vacation with Mr W in August, and he'll go to Yellowstone with his dad in July. But largely it'll be like the school schedule without the academic stuff.

This makes me ambivalent. One the one hand, I wish he could just play and play during the summer and enjoy himself. But on the other hand, when I had my summers off, I remember being bored stiff and looked forward to school starting up again. My mom stayed home with us, but we didn't do much in the way of activities beside joining the community pool.

So what's better? Being bored at home or being engaged in activities at camp? If it were me, I guess I'd take the camp gig.

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