Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Manuscript Limbo, part one million

I think my manuscript is done, except for the abstract, which shouldn't take too long to put together. I can not BELIEVE how long it has taken me, and the extent to which I have felt utterly ineffectual at times during this process. I've had so many final versions, they're numbered now.

The rational part of me wants to think that it's my lack of background in mosquitoes that has made it difficult for me to really put my (if I do say so myself) great results into context. This has led to a dependency on my boss to fill in these gaps, although I have of course learned a lot about mosquitoes so far. I've had to wait for him to do the other things he's got to do, and that has been at times frustrating, although it's not anything he's doing deliberately. I also have to remember that this is only my third manuscript. But that tends to bum me out even more because I feel like I should have published more so far.

But all of the little tweaky changes, it's like herding cats. Oh, I changed this part, now that part doesn't flow so nicely. I redid this table, so now my numbers over here are wonky. Did I take out the extra references I ended up not using? It's like trying to hold a laundry basket full of socks without the basket and with Sally following me, hoping to eat one or more of the socks.

I just hope it gets easier. It hasn't turned me off to the process, but I sure as hell hope the next one is less exhausting.

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