Friday, May 2, 2008

Not-so-pretty Package

I ordered some lab supplies a couple of days ago. The sequencer that I use to generate microsatellite data takes these gel cartridges, which are very convenient to use, although they cost a lot of money. When I order stuff, I look at the catalog and order the thing at the price in the catalog; if there's a discount the nice ladies in Purchasing figure it out, as well as figuring out shipping. They really do a lot for us science-y types here, it merits another post at some point.

Anyway, what I ordered came in 4 boxes, each of which was about 9"x9"x4". However, they came in a phenomenal amount of packaging, consisting of each being wrapped in a padded envelope with two cold packs, and then another dozen more cold packs, all in a styrofoam cooler that was 5x the volume of the product. And there were two coolers, two boxes per cooler. Sheesh. Speaking of the awesome support staff, I put the boxes and cold packs and packaging in the hallway when I'm done, and the custodial staff comes and takes it away. They rock.

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