Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Outside the box

How cool is this. There was a design competition to build on a vacant lot in NYC, and this is one of the ideas. Lifted verbatim from http://nymag.com/realestate/vu/2008/04/45963/index1.html:

The Locavore FantasiaWORK AC
It would be a total departure if Work AC’s utopian vision were ever to bear fruit—and we do mean fruit, because it’s an apartment building topped with a working farm. “We thought we’d bring the farm back to the city and stretch it vertically,” says Work AC co-principal Dan Wood. “We are interested in urban farming and the notion of trying to make our cities more sustainable by cutting the miles [food travels],” adds his co-principal (and wife) Amale Andraos. The cheerful if slightly mad design, riffing on a concept they came up with to win the P.S. 1 Young Architects Program, would have different crops on each floor; land laying fallow would be used for play (putting greens, say). Four large water tanks would collect rainwater for irrigation. “Sculpture structures” commissioned from artists would act as columns supporting the building, which leans back to face the crops toward the sun. “We show a Brancusi, but it could be anyone,” says Wood.

Originally found on a very interesting new blog (for me) http://pruned.blogspot.com/

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