Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I’m a little disconcerted by a call I just got from Mr W’s dad. Seems his mother (my former MIL) isn’t feeling well, to the point where she’s going to stay in the hospital for a couple of days and then have a psychiatric evaluation of some sort. He was fuzzy on the details and obviously upset, but there’s definitely a problem there.

I’ll just say this: I feel guilty for not being more involved in her life, even though she’s not technically my MIL anymore. She’s a wonderful woman and has spirit and spunk despite having a lot of bad breaks in terms of her health. I also have the feeling that the x doesn’t pay as much attention to her as he should, although he takes care of her bills and such (we are all in the same town).

Just recently, I’ve started to rebuild the relationship. She’s maddeningly hands-off though, and lets me make all the moves. So of course life gets in the way and I don’t see or talk to her for a couple of weeks. The weird thing is that I just saw her a few days ago, when she watched Mr W for a few hours on MLK day when I popped into work. She seemed fine, but has been on antibiotics and maybe that’s interfering with the other things she’s taking (the list is long).

All one can do is move forward, though, and I’ll make arrangements to go see her when I hear where she’s staying.

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