Friday, January 9, 2009


I don't wear much jewelry, but I like to wear earrings. I have a few special pairs, like ones that my mom wore for her senior picture, but for the most part, they come and go and over time can lose parts or just get lost themselves.

When I was in AZ the last time, CB bought me a lovely pair of Holly Yashi earrings. Silvery metal, and just my style.

Then Mr W and I went to South Carolina to meet up with my brothers' families and lo and behold, my SIL has been beading lately. We made a trip to the local bead store and I picked out a few strands for her to make earrings. AND, she had already created a few pairs for me to begin with.

The end result is the picture above (there was actually one more pair, but I was wearing them). WOW!!! Thanks L! It was so cool to be able to say, 'I'd like to have this and that and make it this long.' I am set for earrings for a while and am very grateful.

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