Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh, and don't forget to sweep the floor

This is my first weekend home after Christmas, and I'm trying to tidy up the house and work ahead for when I go to AZ at the end of the month. Entropy definitely rules, and when things are busy, stuff piles up on any available horizontal surface.

So I'm going to work for half a day and then come home and get the house uncluttered. I think I am one of those people for whom the state of my dining table is reflective of my state of mind. It just feels better to have stuff put away and I feel like I've earned my leisure time.

The list isn't long, but I was going over it this morning while I was still in bed waking up:
  1. Work on my "Spring Forward" socks
  2. Work on a pair of gloves for CB
  3. Figure out how to do a handle for a purse I'm making from an old sweater
  4. Fiddle with some cotton yarn for a market bag project

Oops. While this is really the things that came to my mind when I asked myself, "what do I need to do today?" There is also a list for the house that includes going through the mountain of mail in the breezeway, clearing off the table, and cooking some more stuff I can freeze for later. I laughed when I saw where my priorities were.

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