Friday, January 23, 2009

My name is Linda, and I am a Selfish Knitter

Earlier in the week, I had high hopes of knitting a little something for a friend whose birthday is coming up. Hey, after all, I'm a reasonably competent knitter, right? I should be able to whip out a little something for a friend. I picked out a small project that I had not attempted before and got to work. I got about 45 minutes into it, and realized it would take me likely 3-4 hours to complete the project. And I came to the stark realization:


There. I've said it. I've sort of been bumping into this idea as a result of the Christmas knitting I took on (willingly, I might add). Yes, I will finish the vest for my niece, at some point. Heck, it turned out so big, it might make a good high school graduation present! And I promised CB a couple of doable items.

But now, I declare myself a Selfish Knitter. Apparently I am not unique. Perhaps it's part of the evolution of a knitter.

Anyway, this was sort of a bummer. I enjoy knitting, now more than ever. And spending 3-4 hours on a knitting project isn't very much in the big scheme of knitting things. But I guess I'm getting more selfish with my time. I also didn't like the rushed feeling I got when I thought I could complete the project, but I had to hurry to get it done. The appeal of knitting is not only product but process, and hurrying seems wrong.

The inevitable conclusion is that, until I am bestowed with a lot more free time, I'm not able (willing? maybe) but simply not able to crank out the projects like the people on the knitting blogs who produce a sweater every couple of weeks. I still don't know how this is humanly possible while holding down a job, taking care of a child and being in a relationship.

For what it's worth, here's my current project list and wish list (I'll try to post links soon):

  1. Purple "Spring Forward" socks - decreasing for the toe on the second sock - so close to done
  2. Drumstick bag for CB - Frogged twice, but I know what I need to do
  3. Vest for niece - 75% done - will finish this season
  4. Gloves for CB - right idea, wrong yarn. Will have to start with new yarn.
  5. Dish cloths - always one in progress in my purse.
  6. Market bag - I'd like to make several; started one, frogged it
  7. Socks with new Koigu yarn - awesome yarn - need to pick a pattern. Man, I love making socks!
  8. Winter hat for me - I don't have one, you'd think this would be a priority...
  9. Sweater with bulky yarn - need to pick a pattern that doesn't make me look like a marshmallow.
And the list goes on.

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