Sunday, January 24, 2010

Taken down

Going to the dog park can be a dangerous experience. Most everyone I talk to has been at least bumped into by a running dog. Sometimes we get knocked over, like today.

The dogpark is an icy mess at the moment. The snow that we got in December has melted and refrozen repeatedly, so the surfact is about 4" of ice. Bumpy ice. So a thrown ball can go awry. I was standing there swapping dog stories with another doodle owner and I saw a Lab named Sampson coming my way for a second before he plowed into me from the side and took me down.

And now, well ouch. The wind got knocked out of me and my shoulder hurts. People were very nice, and rushed over to see if they could help. The dogs themselves were very curious that someone was sitting on the ground, and Sally kept darting back and forth. Sampson's owner was very apologetic and I had the presence of mind to ask someone to pick up my glasses.

So now I'm wondering how sore I'm going to be and how I can stay safe when there's so much ice. When the ground is bare, a bunch of us walk when we're at the dog park, and I'd like to believe that a moving target is harder to hit than a standing one. I might get some of those grippy things I can put on my shoes for the ice, too. Darn dogs.

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Hi, sorry to make the humans do an extra step.