Saturday, January 23, 2010

The weekend

It used to be, on the weekends when Mr W is with his dad, that I'd get a little squirrelly after spending so much time by myself. Those bits of self-doubt that I think most people have would have enough time to gain some momentum and sometimes I'd be wondering what the hell I was doing and where I was going in life.

Not so much anymore. I do miss my Wumpkin (I'm thinking the days are numbered that he'll let me call him that) on my off weekends, but I also appreciate the free time and time to "get stuff done". I try to cook ahead and make some stuff I can freeze for dinners, I clean my house occasionally (this is one of those days), and see friends.

I did refinance my house, and pulled out some money to do some projects here. It's funny. I feel like I should wait to spend the money until I'm sure I've been renewed at work for another year. They are moving our offices and labs, so it looks like there will be a place for us, and my boss feels like they will find the money to keep everyone on, but who knows? In addition, I'm grappling with what I "should" spend the money on. I really think that I'd use the deck off the living room, but it's a non-essential, and I could use new windows, and would like to put a half-bath in the basement (which I will likely never use, but will add value to the house).

My whole view of weekends has shifted, too. It used to be that I needed to bank hours on the weekends to use later, but that constraint has been lifted like a released rubber band - kapwing! It's been really nice to not have to work in work so much on my weekend (although I do go in for a half day here and there). I look back and am sort of surprised I did that for so long. I'm grateful (really grateful) my job allows me the flexibility to do that, as well as to leave in the middle of the day to go teach and make up the hours later.

So, here's to the weekend! I'm off to have some breakfast and clean up some dust bunnies.


  1. I was like that when my kids left..I'd wander around aimlessly sometimes, just feeling lost. But then I would do things like a big grocery shop and the fabric or craft store to just spend time without dragging someone along that didn't really want to be there at all.

  2. Keeping busy with productive things helps a lot.


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