Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why I Bought a Queen Size Bed

I bought this today. It's called the Rangeley bed from LLBean. I've liked it for years, and am finally in a position to buy a new bed, so after looking around quite a bit, this is what I chose. You may notice that it's a platform bed, so it takes just a mattress, with no box spring. I liked the fact that the thing was built in Maine, and the shipping was very reasonable ($35), as opposed to Ikea. The closest Ikea store is Phoenix (I know, poor me), and the shipping for a $199 bed was $259! Oh well. I like this my first choice.

I have my eye on a Tempurpedic mattress, which I have picked out (it's called the Tempur-Cloud, or something like that) and need to go order in the next few days. I figured I'd order that from the store here in town, as I'd have to pay tax anyway, because the sales guy was helpful (maybe he'll get a commission) and they'll take away my old mattress and box spring. Mr W and I tried out the beds at the mattress store the other day, and although it's expensive, it's got a 20 year warranty and that's only about $100 a year! Justification, indeed.

And I thought briefly about buying a full sized bed, thinking that, well, I'm not sharing a bed with anyone right now, so why spend the extra money? That ended up striking me as a little too short-sighted and pessimistic. I do think that at some point, over the 20 year life of the mattress (!) I'll have a need for a queen sized bed. Man, if that warranty runs out and I'm still sleeping single, I'll be bummed out! I'm thinking the odds are in my favor though, just a matter of time.


  1. I've always admired their stuff and only bought clothing...and a kid-carrying backpack, which was awesome...and my mom bought sleeping bags. All very good stuff. Good luck. And I've found, with having 3 beds already in 13 years, that the springs are the first thing to go. No matter how much flipping and rotating. And the guarantee people say a bed will not last as long as that without 'dips'. I've heard a lot of good about the foam...and even if it is the same $$ as 2 regulars, if you don't have the hassle of it breaking down and your back starting to hurt and searching yet again for another bed, it's worth it. And only 1 in the bed, you could roll around a sleep evenly for a while!! Bound to help the Dipping problem!

  2. Yikes! Three beds in 13 years. I got the bed in the divorce, and it's 12 now. I guess I want a new bed to replace that old bed, too.

    LLBean is great. Love their return policy, and although their styles ebb and flow a bit, I generally like their duds. This is the first furniture I've gotten from them.


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