Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gone to Hail

We had a big hail storm last night. This Delphinium is one survivor. I really thought it would be among the first to go, but it looks OK. We get these storms every few years it seems. Three years ago (before I had a vegetable garden and therefore didn't care as much), we had several hail storms early in the season and there were hardly any fresh local tomatoes to be had that year.

A view of my peas, raspberries in the bottom left. Not sure if the peas will recover.

There was still hail built up along north and west faces this morning.

Last night out my back door.

 Last night out my front door.

Intrepid rhubarb. This plant has been pasted several times by hail and has always bounced back. I guess that means a second crop of rhubarb...

 Pulverized peas and lettuce.

Soggy slop formerly known as red leaf lettuce.

I did one picture-taking round this morning, and need to look more closely to see what might pull through and what's lost. Most of the tomatoes are gone, green beans are OK. More pictures later.


  1. Ho-ly Cow! What is next, I ask?! So, so sorry for the damage done to your flowers and vegetables. All that hard work, and then this happens that we have no control over. You REALLY had a hail storm! Hoping for the best for your garden.

  2. I am so, so sorry. I know this heartbreak, and I am sad for you.

  3. I bet most of that will bounce back - it's early in the season still. No problem.


  4. Thanks for your words.

    I feel the need to go out and get more tomato plants NOW. My grape tomato will make it, but the rest won't.

    Claire, I thought of you often today. I feel like I failed somehow, that's so strange.


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