Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Phone Interveiw

Just had the phone interview. Sounds like an interesting position, and the company sounds like it's growing, and there's is room to advance, which is something I'd really like to be able to do. I'd make pretty much what I'm making now, and would like need to move closer to Denver. I'll know if I get a face to face interview by early next week. I think I did a pretty good job, considering I haven't been interviewed for five years. The HR person was very nice.

It was a strange feeling, waiting for the phone to ring. I've spent all this time preparing, looking for job postings, writing cover letters and tweaking my resume. It was a funny feeling that that should somehow be enough, and I thought, "wow, now I've got to talk about all this stuff as well". As though it's really finally underway, if that makes sense.


  1. So glad you came away with a good feeling after the phone interview. Having to make a move though? Well, to get a good paying, interesting job it might have to be done. 'Twould be a lot easier to think about, I'm sure, if having to smooth the waters for making the move for Mr. W didn't enter into the picture. But even so, kids are so very adaptable . . . after the initial hissy-fit!

  2. Yes, you can, Linda... yes, you can!

  3. Yeah, this made me realize I would really prefer to stay within a 30 minute commute.

    Suzanne - how are you?? Still with the tall guy?


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