Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yup, today's my 46th birthday, and I'm happy to be here. If you are on FB, one's birthday is an all-day ego-massage of people dropping by to  write happy birthday wishes on your wall. It's only 5:45 am here and it's already started. Good fun.

It's mostly a regular day: work, get Mr W from camp, then go to Spin class. We're going out for a drink after class, so that should be fun.

It's been kind of warm this week, but not unusually so. Being Colorado, it's got that high-desert aspect of cooling down nicely at night, so if I close my windows in the morning and open them at night, that seems to work. I got home yesterday, and it was 99 outside, and 77 in my house. Not bad for no A/C. I'd consider a whole house fan, but don't think I'm going to need A/C any time soon. Not every house is like mine, though. A friend has a two-story that even a whole house fan can't keep cool.

I need to take some garden pictures! I will tonight. I have hit the wall in terms of Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) in my yard. After mulching the front half of my yard, up where the raised beds are, it's making a big push to grow all over the mulch. For the first month, I pulled 'em, and will continue to pull the ones that pop up amongst my vegetables, but I have started spraying the stuff on the ground, thinking that maybe I can weaken it and knock it back so I can go back to pulling. Bindweed has this big mothership of a rootstock that can send out runners all over one's yard. Impressive, and it's too bad the stuff doesn't have a commercial use.

In other news, I spoke with former long-distance partner CB last night. It was good to catch up, and although there are no relationship prospects for us, I still value his friendship. For some reason, it also felt to me like I needed to speak with him before embarking on this next potential thing with BW. For what. To make sure he wasn't going to pick up and move here, I guess! And not only is he not, he's in a relationship himself that he wants to explore, so it was yet more closure that I seem to have needed at this point in time.

Mr W, Sally and I are hitting the road! We are packing up the van - wait, it is I who will pack up the van - and heading out on July 5th toward the land of 10K lakes. We're going through Nebraska, for two reasons: one, I waited too long and couldn't make a camping reservation in the Black Hills of SD, and, two, I love driving through the Iowa prairie. We're going to do two long days of driving each way, and spend 4 nights at my brother and SIL's place outside of the Twin Cities. Lots to get done before that, but I'm starting to get excited. I've got 40 hours of vacation saved up, and could take the money, but want to do this more. Simple as that.


  1. Can't wait for the pictures and welcome to the land of Paul Bunyan [ oh.I FORGOT SOMEONE SOLD HIM]if only for a sort niece comes home a couple times a year ,usually to go up to the lake. she lives in Monument ,Col.---have a safe 4th of July.

  2. Sending the very best of Happy Birthday wishes to you. Hope you had a lovely day and that this next year brings you loads of good things!

  3. Thanks, ladies. It was a good day.

    Judy - I love MN. Since my brother lives there, and, as eco-odd as this sounds, because they've got abundant fresh water. Nice people, too. :-)

  4. Come back through Brookings! It's on the way!

  5. For your birthday, I give you tears of laughter...


  6. MBB - "It was like $200 of free chicken". Too funny. I pity her husband...


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