Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So Social

With the job search, I'm of course paying some attention to the things I WANT to do, the things I wouldn't mind being paid for. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure gardening and knitting are off the table, and I think it would suck the joy out of each to have to do them under a deadline anyway.

I have, however, been paying attention to my Facebook account. I've been on FB for about three years now, and have (re)connected with various friend from my past and present. Overall, for me, it's been a good experience, although I've heard stories about how delving into the past doesn't always have positive results.

One thing I've noticed is that more and more organizations have a FB presence. I have ended up not using FB to keep up with celebrities, politicians or rock stars, but to keep up with friends, and groups and organizations that I'm interested in. I also use it to help me plan my weekend, and activities for me and Mr W. In this regard, I think I'm using it more like Twitter, and it works for me.

I keep up on the Kew Gardens in the UK, my city updates things like road closures due to traffic or our flowing-ever-higher river, local bookstores, garden companies, science blogs, journalists I like, the list goes on and on. I've had to prune and edit some things back, such as NPR's feed, because I already look at their website several times a day.

But I like how this aspect of social media has worked for me. One of the duties of a job I'm applying for is to maintain the organization's presence on FB and Twitter, and I've been studying how other organizations do that. It can be very effective/informative, and I've seen examples of both too much and not enough presence. Interesting.

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