Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's easier

I'm glad we are flying to MN, and not driving after all. I do think that if I had a bigger chunk of time that the road trip makes sense, and Mr W was actually looking forward to it. Well, in the sense that he'd have hours and hours of time to play video games.

It'll be easier to prepare for a plane trip. Two carry-ons, one that has the computer. Download some stuff to the iPod, make sure we have all the cords to everything. Pack a few clothes, and we're good. A little more money spent this way, but I think it's worth the convenience.

We're trying something new for Sally. She'll stay with one of the women who I walk with at the dog park, instead of going to what I euphemistically call "dog camp", i.e. the kennel. I have to pay $25 a day to kennel Sal anyway, and would rather give it to someone I knew.

And I'm having lunch with BW today. I decided to take the afternoon off anyway, to run some errands that I just don't seem to be getting done, like getting the emissions tests done on both my vehicles. Second date.

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