Saturday, July 23, 2011

Supporting the Arts (Dinner Included!)

Yea, Saturday! Tonight BW and I are going to something called the Art Lab Supper Club. Friend D and I went to the last one in April, and I'm excited to be attending another one. It's a nifty idea. Get organizations to donate food, and sell tickets for dinner. Line up several artists who need modest financial support. Have each one give a presentation as to why their project deserves the proceeds from ticket sales. Get audience to vote to determine the top three choices. Give away the money. So cool!

In other news, I need to get the emissions checked on my car today. The county has simultaneously reinstated the requirement for people to get their cars tested, and restricted the number of places that offer the service. Then it's tidying up the house, trying to get to the dog park before it gets too hot, and other this and that sort of Saturday stuff. Hoping that Sal and I can go for a hike tomorrow morning before it gets too hot. She loves to hike.

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