Saturday, July 30, 2011

Still getting used to the idea

I'm still getting used to the idea that my job is secure for the next year. It comes with the caveat that I need to do something (besides wishing for it) to get ready for whatever I'm going to be doing next. But still, I have to remind myself that this thing that contributes hugely to my feelings of security in this world is in place.

Not only that, but I will share a story here because I feel like I'm flaunting my good fortune if I actually spoke these words to anyone out loud in these tough times. When I went in to speak to my boss about where I was with my current projects and to discuss what I'd be doing for the next year, I mentioned that I had been hired on five years ago at a certain level. This level is actually one below the one people are often hired when they have a Ph.D. So I said that it had been my plan that, if I made it past five years, I would ask for an increase so that I'd be working at a rate corresponding to the next level up the food chain.

My boss agreed that I should be working at this other level, but didn't know if the money was there. He said, and I heartily agreed, that he was just glad to see the money so that I could get renewed, he didn't know if there was enough for a raise. So I emailed him the next day about it, and long story short, I got a raise. I got a raise that, when I read the email, my jaw literally dropped (funny how that does happen, but I was trying to keep my expectations low) and I said (to myself, as there were other people around) "Oh, my god" about 14 times.

I'm going to put some money into this old house. I still want someone to build me a deck that I can get to through my living room, and the kitchen needs to be updated. I feel so very fortunate.


  1. Like! Like verrrrry much. Congratulations!

  2. Well, great big WA-HOO!! I'd say the raise is a big feather in your cap. 'Specially when money is tight. But kudos to your boss, too, for realizing the gem he has in you and your abilities and rewarding you in a way that means a lot these days of rising inflation/cost of living.


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