Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I see my last post was almost a week ago, and was about this new bracelet project that has caught my attention. I've spent much of the last week's free time continuing to gather materials. It's still a lot of fun, but I'm waiting for a couple more things before I assemble my first set of 5 bracelets (that's as many bracelet blanks as I bought - should buy more).

As expected, Mr W has shown an interest in taking apart old watches for me. I bought a bunch of what ended up being mostly battery powered instead of what I want, which is the windup kind. They will be good for practice, and I will be able to use the faces off of many of them. There were a few old ones, and now I know what to look for, so will concentrate on that kind. It's been cool to watch the kid; he is mechanically inclined and I love seeing how he just picks up the stuff and starts to work.

I was downtown a couple of months ago, and stopped in to the independent bookstore down there. I was in a spending mood, apparently, because I bought three brand new books, which I hardly ever do. One book I got was called, Craft Inc. and is about turning crafting into a business. I have no desire or intention to "go big" with these bracelets, but the book has been very useful so far in terms of some of the planning, business and intellectual property sides of this.

One thing the book mentions, which is pretty obvious, but important, is that one needs to have one's own take on the medium so one isn't reinventing the wheel. This made me think about how to put my spin on these bracelets, and I've got some ideas. Yea!! I will post pictures when I get the first five done.

In other news, we got a big dump of wet snow last night, and it's still coming down. No snow day for the kids, but I need to get dressed and knock snow off the trees. I lost one small branch from one tree, but everything else is bent over and needs to be released. Ah, CO in the fall. It's funny, we reliably get a cold snap around Halloween almost every year. So much so that people sort of plan that into their costumes.

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  1. Our Halloweens are frequently very cold but we usually don't have snow! Yours is the first blog posting about real snow so far this year that I've read.

    Eager to see your bracelet creations.


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