Thursday, October 13, 2011

Been a while

This hasn't happened for a while. When someone asks, "How's things?" and I can say, "Good, not much going on, no big dramas, things are humming along." What's different? I don't know, probably my perspective. The things that I have to attend to besides the usual work/kid/home stuff all seem dealable.

I feel thankful and lucky to be here.

Work is fine, although I'm still slogging through the last part of a project and it will be done soon. Did I mention that my cubemate moved out? I think so. Not that I was glad to see him lose his job with our group and be picked up by another lab here for a temporary gig, which is why he moved, but getting my own space at work for the first time in five years is FABULOUS.

I went to my doctor yesterday to get a referral for my knee, which has hurt when I hike downhill for a few months now. The hike with Mr W really tweaked it, and I've got a bit of a limp still. I can still do my Spin class, though, and for that I am grateful. But I called the ortho right away and have an appointment for today to have a specialist look at it. This is Colorado, I have to be able to walk downhill! And I want to be able to hike as I please without worrying about it. Someone in my Spin class suggested hiking poles, which is a great idea. I have a staff, but can see the utility of poles.

I feel like a used car saying this next bit, but I was already in the files of the ortho place because I had hurt my shoulder a few years ago. I was riding my bike downtown in the dark in March and hit a snowbank that was in the bike lane. I hadn't biked all winter and most of the snow around town was gone. Just a stupid accident, but I got thrown over the handlebars and landed on my shoulder. No, I wasn't drinking. No, I wasn't wearing my helmet (but I have, religiously, since that incident). Yes, I got a really bright headlight for my bike. Anyway, I saw the "shoulder guy" who said I could have the surgery to repair my shoulder if I wanted, but I'd probably be OK. I opted not to, and it is fine now (I'll never be a professional drywall hanger, though).

This time around, I feel like if I have to have a procedure, I've got people. People who could drive me to the place, people who could do an errand or two for me. I haven't always felt that way post-divorce, and I'm glad to make a mental list of folks I could ask to help me who likely would. Lucky indeed.

Oh, and I wanted to mention how much I've been enjoying the banjo - when I don't feel like I have to practice-up right before my lesson. I was getting a little stressed about not practicing enough and showing adequate progress at lessons, which as you might guess, was starting to suck some of the joy out of the process. I've adjusted, and now I'm just playing the thing. Practicing, and understanding that it's simply time spent doing it that's going to make me a better player, not forcing more practice into the time that I have, if that makes sense. 

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