Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bring on the woo

Must be New Age month here as casa LindaCO. I went to another Meet Up meet up a couple of days ago, this one was a group guided meditation. The theme was about getting more in touch with your soul, or something woo-woo like that. This was after I attended the haunted history tour with this group a week prior. I don't know, I think the sciencey me has always been curious about these things, but I haven't made a point of attending events.

So at this most recent event, we sat in one of the little theaters in town, and listened to this guy tell his story for a while, and then did two guided meditations, one sort of short primer one, and then a second longer one. It is perhaps an indication of where I am on my spiritual journey that I kept getting pulled out of it by the woman behind me who coughed every couple of minutes. Ah, well. But I wanted to share this one interesting thing.

We were supposed to be trying to feel the Divine (however we defined it), and I was visualizing having this sphere of light all around and inside me. So far so good. Then I "looked" down (with my eyes closed if that makes sense) and there was this valley where my chest was. How to describe it. It was a flat-bottomed trough, about 6" wide and ran down the length of my chest, and there was nothing in it. I wasn't surprised, or scared or anything, it was just kind of there.

But as we went on, I "looked down" again, and the trough was gone. I couldn't conjure it back up, it was just my regular solid form. Now, I mention this bit of it because one of the things that interests me is the interpretation of what goes down. Afterwards, I thought of the trough as a gap between the sciencey, analytical part of me and the creative side. With the outcome being that I can merge these together; they aren't really separate. I told a friend about this experience yesterday, and he said, "Oh, you feel empty, I've felt like that too". See how he projected his experience and perspective on his interpretation? I told him I hadn't thought of it like that. Who's right? I guess it's whatever I decide feels rightest. Please feel free to throw in your 2 cents in the comments.

I feel sometimes like these experiences are self-congratulatory BS, but at the same time, I think a little affirmation of things we would like to think of as true about ourselves is OK.


  1. Ha! I thought of the empty trough as your "open-ness." You seem to be very open to taking in and processing whatever comes your way. And there was your empty receptacle ready to receive and digest it all.

    (Probably not worth 2¢, huh?)

  2. Thank you for your kind and wise words.

    Totally worth your 2 (where's the cent key?!) cents. I love that there are several interpretations.


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