Thursday, September 29, 2011


Flexibility gets me what I want. I've learned this over the few years that I've had a "parenting schedule" for my son. I get a little choked up when I think that he spends half his time away from me, but his dad (my ex) does a good job and a kid benefits (IMO) from having a loving, involved dad in the picture if that's possible. I know it's not always possible.

We've shuffled the parent schedule a bit lately, but everyone's happy. There's a concert I want to go to next weekend (when I'm supposed to have Mr W), and his dad is doing dusty renovations at their house this weekend so would like to have Mr W someplace else for part of that. I feel like I've got enough going on that I need to check my calendar often to make sure nothing important (as in kid-related) falls through the cracks.

I have been trying to get out more and do social stuff. Last week I had something going every night, a couple of them with Meet Up groups where I didn't know everyone (or anyone, in one case). That's fine, I can hang. I can strike up conversations with people. Maybe I'm not doing it enough? I don't feel like I'm getting much out of the interactions. Maybe I haven't interacted with the right people yet.

I'm on the organizer team for a single parent group and I've scheduled a couple of outings for October. My criteria is that the event has to be something that Mr W and I will do anyway, regardless of who shows up. These things are notorious for people doing no-shows without RSVP'ing. So we've got an easy hike coming up, and a trip to the Denver science museum to see an IMAX movie (with people getting their own tickets and meeting outside the theater). I'm especially looking forward to the movie (T-rex! 3-D!).

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