Saturday, September 10, 2011

Once again

It"s been an elsewhere kind of week. Trying to plan for things that are coming up, lots of time in front of the computer. The computer stuff shook out with success. I know a tiny bit about this program and wanted to use it to analyze data for a paper that I'm writing. It uses the geographic coordinates of each site and compares it with the genetic data to group the populations into groups, if that makes sense. It was all well and good to start, except that it put three populations on the wrong side of the state, and that took a few days fiddling to figure out how to kind of fool the program into putting the populations where they needed to be. I am glad that my boss is OK with me spending that kind of time on something, especially if, as in this case, we'll use the program in the future.

After going out for coffee with yet another person from the online dating site, I am officially taking a break. I was just about to when it seemed he and I might hit it off, but there was no spark. Perfectly nice, just not what each other is looking for. Can one tell this in one two-hour coffee date? I think so. I know so. It's funny, I picked the place, and the same thing happened the last time I went for a first meeting at this place. The guy was a great match on paper, but wasn't interested.

And I've been mulling over past connections as well. To what end, I'm not sure. I looked up someone I had gone out with a few times and we ended it as friends, and I think he'll be someone that I can call up to go see live music or hang out with, with no expectations of taking it anywhere else. I got a call from another past relationship person, who was going through a painful breakup with someone they truly cared about. I don't know if we do this more when it's someone whose well-being we care about, but when the conversation was done, the feeling of being able to step back because this wasn't actually my problem was a huge relief. And yet another past brief relationship person has been all over FB this week, as he whoops it up on vacation.

And 9-11, who hasn't been thinking of 9-11? I get sucked into the pictures and the stories of the heroes, and get so depressed about where the country has gone from there. Depressed that it takes a tragedy to bring out the best in us. The partisanship in Washington is so repulsive to me when so many people only want to work and earn a decent wage to feed their families. There is an interfaith remembrance tomorrow afternoon, and I think I will attend to get a reminder that people are doing good work.

And today's going to be a busy day! Mr W's got a party in the afternoon, we're going to a picnic, and I won tickets to the Historic Homes tour for knowing why they built the streets so wide in my part of town. Why, you ask? To be able to turn around a wagon and a team of horses, of courses.

And, I started knitting my Lanesplitter. It is going to be a pretty fast knit, and I'm excited about it.

OK, thanks for reading through these rambles. I'm looking forward to heading back to the present for a while.


  1. COOL skirt! I once started knitting a dress (a million years ago) and loved the yarn so much that when I came to the conclusion I was never going to actually finish the dress and wear it, I unraveled it and used the yarn up in a couple other projects. I'll be eager to see you modeling the skirt!

  2. You only need one. And he needs to be the right one. Instead of waiting for your ship to come in, as it inevitably will, make preparations for its arrival. I think that both of us do this, it only makes sense to fill your life with everything you love. Still, it seems there is a fine line between relentless optimism and madness!

  3. Thanks, MP, I love the color changes in it - it's a fun knit.

    BoA - There is a fine line, agreed.


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