Sunday, September 4, 2011


Yesterday was busy and eventful. I volunteered at the Tour de Fat bicycle parade in the morning. That's me in my goofy costume. Hey, no one should take themselves too seriously, right? And my get-up was totally boring compared to many of the participants. If I had a dollar for every guy in drag that was there, well I'd be a rich woman... I went through the crowd and had people sign a waiver to participate, and also hit them up for donations to the bicycle non-profit that was the beneficiary of the event. People were pretty generous, and I had a good time.

Then, I went out to dinner with someone I met online and had spoke to a few times on the phone. He was nice enough, but lives an hour away and I need to be able to see my guy more than twice a month. (My parenting schedule gives me every other weekend free.) I told him this at the end of the evening, and feel it was the right decision. It's still a bummer to back away when the other person wants to proceed.

When we were at dinner, I saw my neighbor who lives across the street from me. I was pleased when he bought and renovated the house, because it had been a rental with three creepy guys for a couple of years. Whenever I was in my yard, I felt like I was being watched. I haven't spoken much with the neighbor, mostly waved and said hi. He's retired, probably in his 70's. To my astonishment, he made a pass at me. Held his hand out as if he wanted to shake it, and then didn't let go, but held it to his chest. I suppose he was drunk, but I couldn't believe it.

When I got home, I saw that the van had received a parking ticket for expired plates! My city's zealous parking services department, out there making sure no one parks goofy for the Tour de Fat. Yeesh. It didn't pass emissions, so I couldn't renew the tags, the mechanics can't get to it until Tuesday, blah blah blah. Another small problem, but I'll be glad when it's fixed and I can sell it.

The weather has turned delightfully cooler. Almost sweater weather, comparatively. I need to paint my fence, and will enjoy poking around outside today, I believe.


  1. I admire a gal who knows how to dress when she goes out in public. ;o} Cute, cute, cute!

    Uh . . . did you wear this same outfit for your dinner date? (Mighta been a good test of whether the guy had a strong sense of humor!)

  2. Hey! I can comment because I'm reading this from home (those nasty corporate IT peeps, won't let us comment on blogs on work time. The nerve.) Glad you're having fun - I've inactivated my OKC profile, again, so I can focus on my real life and meeting real people. But I can't deny that online dating helps me meet people outside my orbit, and all the eligible guys in the fire department could be my sons! Argh! I've found a mindfullness meditation class that I think I'm going to take this fall. I want to practice being happy in the life I have, which is a pretty good one. Anyway - glad to hear you're having fun!

  3. Mama Pea - No, I did change, although there were plenty of people still wandering around downtown in costume after 7 pm. I don't think this guy would have minded, though.

    Jordan - Good for you! Yeah, I've been checking less, but my profile is still up. A person who I was sort of corresponding with before the last time I quit popped up and we emailed a couple of times. Then I said something like, "I've lost my taste for lots of email banter, and would much rather meet if it seems there's interest." Haven't heard from him since...

    I was starting to learn more about mindfulness in the months when I thought I was going to lose my job. The trick is to use it all the time, and I have sort of dropped it. I'd recommend Jon Kabbat Zinn's book "Mindfulness for Beginners". I got it as an audiobook, and it's like he's talking right to me! And it's a short book.

    I'll send more of an update soon.


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