Monday, September 19, 2011


It was a good weekend! Mr W and I ended up going down to the Denver natural history museum to see their new exhibit on T. rex, and enjoyed that. They had a few animatronic dinos that had motion detectors, so their heads would move in response (more or less) to movement in front of them.

And we cleaned the house a bit, and harvested some stuff from the garden. The dog keeps eating the raspberries, so I have to monitor her while she's out there. The yard is too small to keep her out of that area, so I might just have to accept the loss.

We had lunch with Mr W's grandma (my former MIL) and that was nice. The place where she lives, basically a nursing home, is such a stark reality check, that it's good to go there and get zapped every once in while. It is a good reminder to stay active, take good care of oneself and enjoy life in the moment.

This week is shaping up to be busy and social and I like that. Mr W's been liking his cross-country practices, even went out for a short run around the block with the dog yesterday (cha-ching!). I've signed up through a Meet up group to go on a "haunted Fort Collins" / Fort Collins history walk downtown this week. I'm intrigued. My neighbor invited me over to their tapas party on Saturday, and I've got a single parent group pot luck on Friday. Whew!

I finally rejoined the Native Plant Society, which is something I've been meaning to do. They are pretty active in learning about plants and in conservation. The president emailed me, saying the annual meeting was coming up and she wanted to talk to me about the plant I studied because it was going to be discussed at the meeting. Cool! It's like being a plant celebrity ;-)

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