Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A smaller slap on the wrist

Growing up, I remember my dad comparing things like speeding tickets to a "slap on the wrist". Society's way of enforcing rules that are (we hope) ultimately for the public good. I have not gotten a speeding ticket, but have worked through the process of getting my campervan to pass emissions so I can get its registration renewed. I finally got all that finished up yesterday, and will finish cleaning out the van and get it listed this weekend. Phew!

It's been a bit of work. New water pump - unrelated, but that took time to get resolved. Two trips on my part to the emissions place. Several hundred dollars of work to get it to pass. Then my registration expired, so I got a parking ticket - IN FRONT OF MY OWN HOUSE! - that I had to pay. Yesterday, I went down to the county vehicle registration place (ugh 45 minutes of waiting) and was wary about having to pay the penalty for letting the plates expire. It was only $25, so that wasn't bad. I'm all set now, and looking forward to getting it sold.

Funny how these things work, I'm just starting to see advertisements (I don't believe they will be for sale for a few months yet) for the new, smaller Prius C, which I've got my eye on for my next car. Not that I'm in a rush or anything, but it's nice to know it will be available when I'm ready to buy my next car.

I've got a bunch of stuff going on for the rest of the week and I like that. I miss doing my Monday Spin class, but it's good the kid is doing his cross country, and this is temporary. I've got beer and knitting at one of the local microbreweries tonight and am looking forward to that.

After what seemed like a pretty easy and painless process, my family has figured out a good time for us all to meet up in OH for a few days before Christmas. I am thankful we got our plans going early, because I was able to get Mr W and I nonstop flights both ways at reasonable times. I think last time it was October when we had dates finalized, and we had to leave for the airport really early in the morning. That was quite the snafu, but we had a good time once we got there.

We're going to be staying at my brother-in-law's house. Which is my deceased sister's house, which still freaks me out a bit. We've had a Thanksgiving there since she passed in 2008, but it was painful. Not just for me, I'm sure. Hopefully enough time has passed that we can have a good time and honor her memory as well. It's just weird to be in her house, surrounded by her stuff, and have her not there. But it's time to do this, so we will.


  1. Talk about adding insult to injury! A parking ticket in front of your house! It will be a big relief, I am sure, to say "bon voyage" to Graycie. My heart goes out to you on the loss of your sister. As time goes by, it's easier to use these occasions for happy memories, rather than sorrow.

  2. You'll always feel great sadness in your heart over the loss of your sister. But it's not a disservice to her in any way to celebrate a holiday in her house with your and her family. As Susan said, remember her love for you and yours for her . . . all the happy memories . . . at Christmas time this year.


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