Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I am so ready to get the van sold and get on with things. It's been a month-long process of getting it repaired and able to pass emissions testing. I am supposed to have it back today, and I shudder a bit to ponder how much it's going to cost, but it is what it is.

I'm a little wary of selling it on Craigslist, but it's easy enough to show the van in a public parking lot instead of at my house, so I'll pick a public place. I hope I can get what the mechanic and I have agreed it's worth. I'm a few thousand dollars past getting back what I put into it, but that's OK. It's going to make someone who knows a thing or two about fixing things very happy.

I will miss having a second car that is capable of hauling things, but that's not worth the expense of this one. It sure has been fun to camp, but I don't feel like camping by myself at this point in time, and Mr W and I can do tents if necessary. His dad has a van as well, so he won't miss out.

In other news, I made peach jam on Sunday. I put ginger and cinnamon in it and it is fantastic!! Really good. The spices enhanced the peach flavor instead of tasting like themselves - it is so yummy. And a lot of work. I made two batches, and one would be fine. This way, I'll have a few Christmas gifts (if I can bear to part with them). I'm still waiting for enough tomatoes to really make a push with canning tomato sauce. I might just buy some at the farmers market this weekend and go that route. We could get  frost any time in the coming weeks, although it won't be cold for a while.

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  1. Hope your van sells quickly. It's kinda a pain playing the waiting game when someone calls, says their interested, looks at it, promises to call and then doesn't. I have peaches in the freezer for jam... can't wait to try some.


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