Sunday, September 11, 2011

What got me

There have been as many remembrances of 9/11 for the taking as anyone could possibly consume today. I had to turn NPR off at one point because they had taken yet another angle on it and I was getting fatigued.

I went to church today, and I knew the minister would have something relevant to offer up. I can't remember if I've been moved to tears at other churches I've attended, but the minister at my church now knows how to drive the point home, and there have been several occasions where I've cried a bit, I was so moved by his words.

What got me today is when he showed a book called something like, "The sounds of 9/11". And he said this: that when the people who were on the hijacked planes knew they were going to die, and they called their families, they didn't talk about retribution. They didn't talk about getting the people that did this to them.

No, they wanted to tell their families that they loved them. If they had to say goodbye, they wanted their spouses, kids, parents, etc. to hear it one last time.

When the chips are down, the most important thing is love. Oops, gotta get a tissue.

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