Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend To-Doodles

I finally got the van back yesterday. I dislike having to rely on the shop to give me rides, so with the van, I've ridden my bike down to get the van so I could do it when it fit my schedule. Yesterday, though, it was raining, so I called for a ride. I waited for an hour, which made me annoyed, especially when I thought of how much I could have gotten done in that hour. I did end up, because I figured it would be "any time now", standing in front of my front window with my banjo, practicing while I waited. It's a different deal to stand and play, versus sitting as I normally do, so it was good practice.

Anyway, the van is back, I'll go online today and update the registration now that it has passed emissions testing and get it ready for sale. I was out with a friend last night who asked, "So, do you feel an emotional attachment to this vehicle?" And I jokingly said, "Not anymore!". But I do, a bit. For what it symbolizes. But it's time to find it a new home. I need to clean out all our camping stuff that lives in there, get it washed and wax it as well.

So this friend I was with last night is someone I had dated briefly a year or so ago. I had a good time. We knew enough about each other that we could ask about family and work and stuff. But it's not physical. He's just off of a relationship, and I'm not going there again (there meaning trying to be in a relationship with someone who is unavailable). But this works. Try as I might, I don't like going to places by myself, especially bars. We listened to live jazz and had a couple of drinks and it's nice to know someone I can call up to do that kind of thing.

Lots of housework awaits this weekend. It's funny, I never have time during the week for this stuff, and then the weekend hits and I want to have fun, play banjo, knit and spend time with Mr W (not necessarily in that order). But I've hit the wall in terms of the place being too cluttered and dusty for my comfort, so it must be done. I'd like to get a couple of yard things done as well.

But I told Mr W we could drive down to Denver, park the car somewhere and ride the light rail, and he's excited about that. Still a train lover, despite disavowing any knowledge of his passion for Thomas the Tank engine years ago. There's also (yet another) festival type thing called the Sustainable Living Fair that we'll try to go to, that has booths, activities and music.

It's shaping up to be a good one.

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  1. I own up to shedding tears over a vehicle or two that I became attached to in the past. Not so with the 1998 Forester that I've owned for nearly a year, and finally sold this week. This car was a nightmare from pretty much day one and I was not sad to see it go! I still have the middle seat from my 1995 Mercury Villager minivan out in the garage, it's a handy place to sit and change shoes when coming in from working in the yard. Now that was a car that I truly bonded with!


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