Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Look Ma!

No cavities. This likely seems like a real non-news item to put in a blog, but I'm doing it anyway. Went to the dentist for my twice-a-year visit and everything was fine. They even checked my pockets - the ones between my teeth and gums that is, and those were good as well.

There was a time, I was telling Mr W over dinner last night, when just about every visit to the dentist meant they'd find a cavity. That's my recollection, anyway. It seems like my dental woes didn't stabilize until well into adulthood. So to be told that everything looked good was one of those simple yet profound things that it seems I should ponder just a bit and be appreciative of.

There are enough little day to day things that need my time and mental energy that to not have to throw "get filling replaced" or something similar onto the pile is a good thing indeed.

And speaking of little day to day things, I hurt my back. Kind of hurt it once, it was feeling better, and I hurt it again. It's fine when I'm sitting, but I can't stand or walk for very long at the moment. Yesterday at the dog park I was leaning over to stretch it out every few minutes and probably looked like I was either getting sick or looking for a lost contact. Oh well. I'm doing stretching exercises and taking Aleve, so it will get better in a few days.


  1. Do we dare ask what you were doing when you initially hurt your back? Don't do it again, okay?

  2. I was doing a twisting-reaching-while-carrying-something-heavy motion, in order to put some yard waste in the van to take to the recycling place. The re-injury was bending over and pulling while weeding. I need to get a better technique for both and will know better for next time. Wait, no, I need to have someone do yard work for me!

    It was sort of scary Tuesday morning, but it's better now and I should be OK in a couple more days. :-)


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