Friday, October 7, 2011

Hike and the first volley

I went on the epic hike yesterday, and it was epic. It rained and snowed on us, glad we had our rain gear. The very very best part of hiking with my 10 year old kid was that he wanted to hold my hand sometimes when we were hiking. How cool is that? And that he wanted me to be there. There was another mom there, whose kid ducked and dodged away from her when he saw her arrive. That would break my heart, no matter how I tried to chalk it up to pre-adolescent goofery. The only downside was that my knee was killing me on the way down. Almost scarily so - some kind of tendon or ligament thing on the outside of my knee. Very painful to hike downhill these days. But today it's OK.

I've sent an email to Craigslist regarding my ad to sell Graycie being flagged. We'll see what they have to say. It is a good forum to sell the thing, and I'm hoping they can help. I did check the terms of use, and the words "price" and "pricing" are not in them. So again I say, PHTTHTHTHTPT!


  1. Awww, it warmed my heart to hear you talk about your son being so happy you were on the hike with the group. Don't give less than a huge amount of importance that that is indicative of the fact that you are doing an outstanding job of raising him and what a great relationship you two have. (How's that for horrible sentence structure? I even went back and tried to improve on the original version. Sigh.)

    Re the Craigslist pricing situation, don't forget there are a lot of terribly unhappy people out there and the one who flagged your ad is obviously a card carrying member. There's no way to reason with people like that because they're in their own little sad rut and either don't know how or don't want to climb out of it. So they exist to make other people upset or unhappy or miserable. On the other hand, you have your rights and did nothing wrong so fight for what is fair!

  2. I sent an email of complaint, and haven't heard back. We'll see. I'm trying to see this as the small thing in the big scheme of things that it is.

    Thanks for the mom-kudos, too.


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