Monday, March 11, 2013


I am about 80% done with painting the basement, and I feel so accomplished! It feels good and right to be transforming a place that just held boxes from my past into usable space that will make my little house feel bigger.  Not sure what got me going on this, but the metaphorical implications have me thinking about personal growth and all that stuff. It's good. And good to have a bonus room.

I forgot to upload pictures from my phone, but I did take a couple of before shots that I'll post tomorrow. I am especially happy with the ceiling. As I mentioned before, it is a low 6' 2" or so, and was painted this sort of darkish peach color. And there was a thin coat of white that barely covered the fact that the walls used to be the same color.

I read somewhere that painting a low ceiling with semi-gloss white was the best choice, because it reflected light or some such thing. The paint department woman at Home Depot said they didn't have ceiling paint in semi-gloss, so I said to just give me the semi-gloss. Paint is so thick these days that it didn't spatter all that much. I am so happy with the results. Going down there the next day, even with no lights on, and it was a brighter, happier space.

I've cut in around the top and corners with the Pear color and it's going to work great, too. I'm glad I didn't go with anything more intense in color. This is light, and fresh and just what I wanted. I'll finish cutting in around the floor this weekend, and I figure Mr W won't mind rolling the walls as long as I've done the detail work. "Stay away from the ceiling with the roll- D'oh! Nevermind, we'll repaint that part later..."

I like the idea of a couple of low-to-the-floor chairs. Maybe like this in a different fabric:

It's fun to think about decorating options. 

Image from here.


  1. Isn't it amazing how much difference a coat of paint can make? I just finished painting my living room and it makes me happy every time I see it. Can't wait to see the before/after pics!

    1. Yes! The right color does that for me, too.


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