Saturday, March 16, 2013

Unexpected shoe windfall

Spring is coming, which means summer is coming, which means I need to get a summer pair of shoes. I prefer to go without socks during the summer, and we have to have our toes covered in the lab at work, so over the years I have sought out shoes that meet these requirements.

I had a pair of Keens for a couple of years that were almost perfect. They were like t-strap shoes, except they were slides, so there was no back. Easy on and off and I loved them! Wore them until they fell apart, which doesn't take as long as it used to, unfortunately. As these things go, that style isn't made anymore, so I've had to look for other things to fill the bill.

These shoes are made by Jambu. They've got the same black toe cap that I think you either love or hate but some really fun styles. This one is called Blossom, and I like the cutouts and the flowers. Yea!

I went to order these shoes yesterday from Zappos, which I've used over the last few years because they ship for free and have good customer service. I was about to check out when I saw I had a store credit. Huh? So I looked further and the credit was for $80 and was from 2009. Huh? Well, OK. I believe that I would do something like that, leave the credit and then forget it even when I have bought shoes subsequently. Dufus. 

But yesterday, I used that credit, and spent all of $9 on these shoes. I felt triumphant, and just a little foolish for not noticing the credit before.

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