Friday, March 22, 2013

Next up: the back hallway in Torchlight

Well, we're expecting more snow, so in what feels like a repeat of a couple of weeks ago (when we were supposed to get a big storm, although it totally fizzled) I went to Home Depot today to pick up some paint. I figured I might as well do a project if I was potentially going to be snowed in. I bought paint to repaint my back hallway. The color I chose is Behr's "Torchlight".

I wanted something colorful, but that also felt light. When I bought the house, the back hallway was part of the space where a porch had been added after the house was constructed. The kind of porch they build so the entrance to the cellar is enclosed. It was a very orangey orange. Glossy. The sellers said something about it being stimulating for the new baby. 

For reasons that escape me at the moment, when the wall was put up to make Mr W's room out of the porch, only half of the area got repainted. I chose a medium-dark purple, and the guy was absolutely right. The dark color makes the space feel like a cave. But it's only half dark purple, because the other half is still the orangey orange color. Why I never finished the job is what I can't quite recall. 

No matter. Tomorrow I make it all better. Yes, I'll take pictures. I should say that what precipitated this particular project is that I've had it up to here with the nasty carpet in said back hallway. I figured I should paint before a new floor is installed. Why, oh why do people put tan shag carpeting in one of the highest traffic spots in the house? It's permanently dirty. I went over it a lot with the rug cleaner before my family came out last August and I don't think it made much difference.

Here's where I feel I have made progress in some grown up, self-reliant kind of way. Whereas before my thought process logically went something like, "I need to hire someone to rip up that carpet and put some vinyl flooring down," now (for whatever reason) it occurs to me that I can rip up 40 square feet of carpet myself and buy tiles of peel and stick vinyl flooring and install them myself. So I bought a box of it when I got the paint.

It's in 12" x 12" squares and has some orange tones that will go with the paint. I don't have much on the schedule this weekend, and we are supposed to get a bunch of snow, so I'll see how much I can get done. My goal is to at least have get the walls painted and the carpet ripped up. Yea!!

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  1. You go, Girl! You know you can paint the walls with no trouble at all. And we used peel and stick tile in our kitchen in our remodeling and it was easy-peasy. Plus the hall should be a small enough area that it will get done lickety-split. Yes, yes, do remember to take pictures of the whole process. Eager to see them!


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