Sunday, March 17, 2013

Parade Photo

It was a so-so St. Patrick's Day parade this year. Not sure why. Maybe because we got there a little late and had to jostle for position. Maybe in this age of instant gratification the stop-start nature of the parade participants was a little annoying. Maybe the floats this year were kind of *yawn*. 

One of the solid traditions of this parade is that a lot of candy is passed out. They used to just throw it on the ground and kids would grab what they could. It has evolved into more of a Halloween thing, where kids have bags and people walk down the line and put candy in bags, one at a time. 

Mr W likes getting candy from the parade, but had his feelings hurt when he was passed over often in favor of the littler kids near him. At one point he said, "I'm only 12!" I guess that's about the age when the candy stuff ends, I was sorry to note. I don't know, he's about five and a half feet tall, maybe they thought he was even older. 

One definite high point of the festivities was seeing this group of storm troopers. I don't know who they represented, but it was fun to see the group. 

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