Thursday, March 7, 2013

So many choices

My basement purge is pretty much complete, and it does feel good to be done going through boxes that evoked some strong emotions. I still have a lot of stuff, but it all fits in the unfinished furnace room in my basement. That leaves the finished room, which I envision as a TV room (if I had a TV, which I'm almost considering, but not there yet), place to play board games, etc. It wasn't until I had gotten the stuff out of there and arranged the few pieces of furniture that it actually clicked in my mind that, "hey, this will be a good usable space". It was as though I had received a bonus room all of the sudden.

Well, before I procure any more stuff to put in this room, I want to paint it. The ceiling is low (about 6' 2") and I want to paint it white (it's this peachy color at the moment, which draws your eye up to see how low the ceiling is...) and then paint the walls a nice fresh color. 

The website Design Seeds, as I think I have mentioned here before, has tons of color combinations and I've listed a few here. It's looking like bluish green, greenish blue, yellowish green, something like that. I'll just have to get some samples to tape on the walls, and sit with a glass of wine to decide. 

Purple is always a possibility. This is one good thing about living alone. The color choice is mine all mine, and I don't have to negotiate to get the color I want on the walls. Do you like using color on your walls, or do you like to keep it neutral and then decorate around that?


  1. Gotta admit I do paint walls a neutral color which provides a canvas (do I sound artsy?) for decorating in bright colors.

    Because the room is in the basement, I'd be tempted to use a warm rather than cool color. And, yep, the low ceiling has got to be white.

    Your boy child might want to get his use out of the room quickly in the next couple of years 'cause with a ceiling of 6'2", he might not fit down there for long!!

    1. I know, white/neutral gives more flexibility, but I just can't make myself do it! :-)

      With the low ceiling, I'm thinking of putting in low-to-the-floor chairs, and some floor cushions as he gets older so he'll still use the room. When you're sitting, it's not bad at all.

  2. I have lived in apartments most of my adult life, so getting a Mine-all-Mine house made me giddy! I just painted my living room a sort of medium-Wedgewood-blue and I love it. I had first thought of something very intensely bright, but managed to get myself under control. I agree with Mama Pea - Mr. W may outgrow that room fast! But, then again, it could be YOUR special space!

    1. I hear you. I see Periwinkle walls and think "could I?" "should I?". I then tone it down a bit, too.

      Here's hoping he's OK with sitting close to the floor and occasionally bumping his head...


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