Monday, August 19, 2013

Plaster and drywall and pediatrician frustration

The plasterers and drywallers (Do they have better names? I don't know) have been in and here is what my kitchen looks like this morning. It was very plaster-y-wet smelling Friday night into Saturday, but it has dried and looks good. 

I thought they'd be putting drywall over everything, but they are plastering most of it, so that the original door frames and baseboards will still stick out, so to speak. I hadn't realized that, and am glad it will be this way. 

The ceiling had to be dropped about 5 inches so they could easily get the electric wires everywhere they needed to go. A big plus there is that all of the wiring in the kitchen will be new, including separate breaker switches for a couple of the appliances. 

So it's going. I'm a little weary of the disruption, but it will be OK. Mr W will be with his dad this week and that will make logistics easier. His first day of school is tomorrow, but he's got Cross Country practice today. 

I'm a little miffed at his doctor's office, who I need to sign a medical release form so he can practice with the CC team. He just decided/I just brought it up last Wednesday, and the Dr.'s office wants five business days to sign the form saying he's had a physical in the last year. I faxed the form to them last Thursday, with a note asking if they could please rush it, and heard nothing. I called this morning to ask about it, was on hold for 10 minutes, talked to someone briefly who said they had not processed it, and got put into voicemail again. I'm thinking that if this is their normal operating procedure, it ain't workin' for me. I've looked over the website for another group of pediatricians in town and I think we will be switching. I don't need the frustration.


  1. Yay, the kitchen looks better already! Keep hangin' in there. This period WILL be forgotten once all is done. Hang in there. (Or did I say that already?) Just keep hangin' in there.

    Don't blame you for thinking of switching doctors for your son. My niece was recently diagnosed as having "a growth" on her thyroid (she's in a lot of discomfort) but she's been waiting three weeks now for the "results of the testing" to come back. Pu-leeze!

    1. They ended up being able to fax the form to his school and all was well. But the system moves a lot slower than I'd like, especially for a simple form. I can do without that kind of frustration on a Monday!

  2. The worst part is the plastering and drywalling. Then the fun stuff starts! New cabinets! New counters! And we will get to see it all -- right???

    There is no reason someone couldn't have faxed a simple form right away. Sounds like there is an organizational problem there. The larger these medical practices get, the worst the service and care.


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