Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sink and faucet choices

The choices are bewildering, but I have made my sink and faucet selections.

Here's the sink, Wheatland by Kohler. I really wanted the two different sized bowls so dishes can be rinsed on their way to the dishwasher (when I use the dishwasher), leaving a nice big bowl for filling pots or whatever.

That's a very unexciting picture, I'm realizing. The holes are kind of weirdly set on the sink, so I picked a one-handle faucet with a sprayer that can be put in that corner hole.

It's not green, but a stainless steel finish. 

Getting these decided was a lot of work! Glad it's done.


  1. I really like your sink choice. My sink is comprised of two tiny basins - none of which accomodate my giant canning pot. I curse it every day! Like the faucet choice, too. I was looking at faucets not to long ago and it is mind-boggling how many styles there are!

  2. Yes! I ended up picking the sink first and was restricted by the number of faucet holes it had, so then picked an appropriate faucet. I'm looking forward to having a sprayer that works.


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