Sunday, July 4, 2010

Annnnnd, we're off

OK, so we won't be paying to get in to see Mt. Rushmore, but we will be camping in the Black Hills tonight. I hope to find a spot so we can see the fireworks from town and not have to join the crowd at the park where the things are fired off - apparently the beetle-killed trees make it impossible to have fireworks from Mt. Rushmore this year.

I've spent the last week getting things together, and I think that about 70% of that stuff is stuff I only have to do once and then I know how to do it (like setting up the new sun shade) or it stays in the van (like bedding). It's been busy, and I'm hoping to log a bit of knitting or reading time after my mom and dog owner duties are fulfilled.

Safe travels and a happy 4th to all. I asked Mr W yesterday about what Independence Day means - who were we trying to be independent of? He was clueless, but I remember being the same way. Historical information didn't made sense to me until I had some kind of framework to hang the dates and events on.

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