Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some vacation pics

Mr W on the giant Jackalope at Wall Drug. I hadn't remembered how Wall Drug takes up almost the entire downtown area of Wall, SD. I don't think we need to go back...

Mr W at Mount Rushmore. I wasn't going to pay to get in, but he wanted to, so we did. It was only $10 to park, and it was cool enough to leave Sally in the van. The light is much better in the morning, than it was when we were there, but it's always impressive to see the stone prezzes.

Yesterday we went to the MN Science museum. Here's Mr W with his Aunt Mary in front of a cool installation with mineral oil filled tubes and timed bursts of air. I loves me a good science museum.

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  1. I'm glad you paid and he wanted to. I hope that things like the Smithsonian, Plymouth Rock and Plantation, the Mayflower, the hockey, baseball & basketball Halls of Fame,Williamsburg, touring Toronto, Boston, Washington, DC - things that we have done through the years, have given them a bit of a foot up when they talk about that stuff in school. Maybe make them a bit more excited. I know getting on that little ship and seeing the list of stuff that was all on there with me traveling across the ocean and even worse, upon arrival in the winter, going back and forth from the shore to the ship until shelters were built...and walking into those little made ME appreciate what other have done.


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